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Your partner for high engineering

About Mazak

Leaders in the manufacture of advanced technology solutions including 
Multi-Tasking, 5-axis, milling, turning, CNC controls and automation.

Yamazaki-Mazak Corporation is the world's largest producer of machine tools with CNC with 7261 employees, with 10 factories in Japan, USA, UK, Singapore and China producing more than 200 different models of CNC machine tools, the only producer of this scale.  Over time, the company Yamazaki Mazak has developed the world premiere of a series of new products, whose principles were later taken over by other companies. 
Yamazaki Mazak Corporation was founded in 1919 in Nagoya, Japan. Currently, with a monthly production of about 800 machine tool CNC Mazak is the world's
largest producer.
Yamazaki Mazak company is represented in Romania by S.C. Mazarom Impex S.R.L., who is providing  technical and commercial support completely to all beneficiaries.
High Quality - Advanced - International
Machine tools are called “Mother Machine” because they relate to the manufacturing of almost every product around us and are very important in supporting the base of “world manufacturing.”

Our mission as a machine tool maker is to enrich people’s lives and contribute to society by developing and providing high performance machine tools that can produce high accuracy work in a short time.
Mazak's corporate philosophy has three core elements: “High Quality”, “Advanced” and “International” and these values have underpinned the development of “world manufacturing” by offering machine tools that satisfy manufacturers' needs. We focus our efforts to develop products that enable breakthrough improvements in productivity.

We have set up more than 81 technology centers and technical centers around the world in order to provide perfect total solutions and fast support on a global level. We were among the first to start foreign production as a Japanese machine tool maker. Following the establishment of Mazak Corporation in the USA, we expanded our production base worldwide to include the UK, Singapore and China, as well as further expanding our Japanese manufacturing operations. We are the only machine tool maker to have established a global production system. With these local plants, we have been able to provide high quality service and have built strong relationships based on mutual trust with customers from all over the world.
We will continue to take on new challenges as the world’s top machine tool maker. It is a great honor to us that we contribute to the wealth of people’s lives “anytime, anywhere” through manufacturing.
Yamazaki Mazak Corporation President
Tomohisa Yamazaki
Corporate Profile
Yamazaki Mazak Corporation
Yamazaki Mazak Corporation was founded in 1919 in Nagoya, Japan. Now has over 6600 employees worldwide.
Yamazaki Mazak has 10 existing manufacturing plants, with 5 in Japan as well as manufacturing operations in the United States, the United Kingdom, Singapore, and China. Products include multi-tasking machines, CNC turning centres, vertical and horizontal machining centres, CNC laser cutting machines, flexible manufacturing systems (FMS), CAD/CAM products and factory management software.Yamazaki Mazak is constructing four new technology centres at strategic locations across Europe, giving customers even more opportunity to see the latest technologies and innovations from Mazak.
A worldwide network of 81 technology centres and technical centres provide comprehensive customer support on a local basis. The European manufacturing plant in the UK also provides the European group headquarters for more than 900 employees and 15 technology centres and technical centres.

MAZAK network

Mazak iSMART Factory

The Mazak iSMART factory concept takes Industry 4.0 principles and brings them alive using SMOOTH Technology to control every aspect of a factory’s operations, scheduling production, monitoring and analysing performance, and all the time sharing relevant information in a secure environment.
We are taking learnings from implementing Industry 4.0 in our own iSMART factories and using this knowledge to drive innovation for our customers. 



The SMART BOX provides advanced cyber security protection allied to exceptional analytical insight, including access to live data streams in cycle, feed rate reports and completion reports. The SMART BOX system can monitor data from any machine regardless of manufacturer, age or CNC and has the ability to provide greater throughput, faster decision making and higher productivity.

Process Planning

The way we can visualize this data is through one of the components of Mazak iSMART Factory Solution, the Smooth Monitor AX software. Reading data directly from the shop floor, we are able to present it in a visual format. The main screen of Smooth Monitor AX functions as the Alarm Analyzer, Operation Analysis and Override History can be utilized to ensure maximum productivity of the equipment being monitored. 

Smart and Secure IIoT Technology

The foundation of the Mazak iSMART Factory Solution is the industrial internet of things (IIoT). IIoT is part of a larger concept called the internet of things (IoT). This is a network of smart computers, devices and objects that collect data and share it. The data that is collected is saved in the cloud which aggregated all the data and shares it back with the end user.

Advanced Machines

New machining technologies such as friction stir, welding, additive manufacturing, high accuracy and high efficiency gear machining by conversational programming, convenient tuning function and many others are available, such as:   
            • Comprehensive Spindle Monitoring
         • Comprehensive Maintenance Monitor

Robotic Tending for Mazak CNC Machines

CellPro is a pre-engineered robotic system for Mazak machines wich offering unparalleled ease of use, flexibility and efficiency. CellPro has a familiar interface that requires virtually no Automatic programming skills. Specially designed to be intuitive for users of machines Mazak, minimal training is required to set up and run the system. Remove CNC automation complication.